Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Let me just start off saying it's been a very odd week or so to say the least.  I did receive my punishment for not losing weight last week and it was a simple but effective punishment.  Five more days tacked onto to my already lengthy chastity sentence.  This week I lost one pound, she lost 4, so that currently has me, in addition to the five added days, looking at a February 8th release date.  Though I do have a reward coming this week!!  She did ask me what I wanted for Christmas this year and I said an orgasm.  She got a nasty grin on her face and promptly said, sorry, those have been sold out.  I thought it was worth a try.

Now, back to the oddness.  Last week we discussed a lot of things in regard to cuckolding, and even setup a potential date which did not go as plan in that well, we were stood up.  Go figure.  More oddness is that as of late, I'm actually struggling a little bit with my submissive.  I'm striving to do my best, and serve that beautiful deserving wife to the best of my abilities, but as of late it's been more work on my part which hasn't been the case to this point.

I've spent some time thinking about that, OK, a lot of time thinking about that and I think I know why.  She works a lot of long hard hours, with varying shifts,  where I tend to have a more 8-5 Monday through Friday kind of job.  What that equates to sometimes is lack of intimacy.  I don't necessarily mean the sexual kind either.  We do not get a lot of time together on occasion and when we do, it is usually late in the evening.  That equates to us not getting to spend a lot of quality time together rather it's just cuddled up on the couch watching TV, sitting and talking or of course, something much more involved.  When you add the chastity and the issues that come with that, the need I have for closeness with her grows stronger and stronger and that is why I think I'm struggling just a bit at the moment.  Hopefully things will slow down here soon and we can have that quality time that I know we both want so much.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Punishment Coming and Other Things

Well Monday has come and gone.  She gained a few and I stayed the same meaning I didn't lose meaning at some point I have a punishment coming. Ya me.  Not.  After this weeks weigh in my next orgasm is now scheduled for the very near future date of Jan. 29.  (much sarcasm). 

It has been nearly three weeks now since my last one, and I'm starting to slide into that spot where I find myself being overly submissive, incredibly horny, and dying to orgasm.  Oh such sweet agony.  My condition has been both helped and worsened by quite a bit of pleasuring my beautiful wife as of late.  There is nothing I like more than getting to pleasure her in any way she wants.  Hearing her orgasm almost makes me forget my lack of the same.  Life is good at that very moment!

On another note, I mentioned quite some time ago that her and I have been having discussions around something I wasn't quite ready to post about.  Well those discussions went quiet for some time but have returned with a vengeance.  As some might have guessed, it was around the world of the hot wife/cuckolding lifestyle.  We have discussed this many times over the years and has been a fantasy we used in our sex life for a long time, but I think  fantasy and reality are about to collide. 

She has begun to actively look to find someone to share our bed with.  I am still not quite sure where this will end up, but the train whistle has blown and the wheels are starting to move and we are slowly leaving the station.  I am sure I'll have a lot more to say about this in the coming days and weeks as we discuss things more and we both get our thoughts wrapped around all of this.  Ready or not here we go!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wick on Fire

Well another Monday came and went with are now ritual morning weigh in.  It wasn't good for either of us which means it was worse for me than her.  She had gained a single pound and I had gained two so that pushes my next orgasm to February 3rd. I am already looking at 80+ days.  Wow eighty days and change.  Sounds like forever.

As those of you that have been following me for a while know, if I gain weight she punishes me beyond just tacking days onto the calendar.  This time she had a new idea.  It started with a candle and a lighter.  I'm sure you can see where this is going.  She had me spread eagled on the bed and with a flick of her Bick had the candle lit and within seconds the first drips of hot wax were splashing onto my naked balls.  Ouch, Ouch and Ouch! One little detail I forgot to mention, prior to her starting this wax job so to speak, she said that tonight I would be allowed to have a "ruined" orgasm. I bring that up because it caused a bit of miscommunications between us and my waxing lasted much longer than it needed too!  After minutes of burning wax falling onto my testicles and flowing down between my ass cheeks she finally paused and said something along the lines of; "does this hurt to much for you to cum?".  It turns out she was waiting for me to actually have my ruined orgasm before she stopped, I on the other hand thought I was suppose to do that after.

Let me just say, I had cum oozing from my cock from a ruined orgasm before much more of that wax could find it's way down the candle!  Once the cum started flowing she blew out the candle, smiled down at me, and scooped up my seed and then slowly placed her fingers into my mouth as I sucked myself off her fingers. 

Of course the next part was trying to get cleaned up and get all the dried wax off of me.  The good news is that since she has had me wearing a chastity device, I'm completely shaved down there so I didn't have to worry about the wax clinging to my hair.  All in all, a very unusual punishment.

Other than that, things have been pretty quiet.  We have both been traveling out of town separately the past week so had very little time together.  I will say, we did have one night where we tried the Anbesol and condom trick I've read other do.  I was doubting at first, but between coating my penis with Anbesol and a couple of condoms, I found myself inside of her and lasting until she had several orgasm.  I was very surprised as to how well that actually worked! And with that, I'm outta here for the night!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Since it's football season, I figured I'd use a football metaphor. Touchdown. Orgasm, whatever. All that really matters after forty very long days and nights I finally was allowed to orgasm! How sweet it was!

After spending time massaging and pleasing my beautiful Queen with my tongue and her teasing and denying me as usual, she finally instructed me to in her words, fuck her. I needed no further prompting, I was on my knees, climbing between her legs, and plunged inside of her. Wow did that feel good. Her wetness allowed me to easily sink into her and between the moisture and heat I knew I wouldn't last long. She grabbed her trusty vibrator, and with me stroking in and out of her, placed the tip of the vibe right on her clit and in no time she was orgasming. How I lasted long enough for her to do that is beyond me!

Once she started to come out of her own bliss, she looked me in the eye and said, "it's time for you to cum". She had a catch though, I was to pull out and cum on her stomach. I wasn't sure why but who was I to argue. Just a few more strokes and I was pulling out of her and releasing myself onto her. God did I miss being able to orgasm. That release was earthshaking. At least for me anyways!

As soon as I came, she let me know why her stomach and not inside of her beautiful pussy; she wanted to watch me clean myself off of her. I routinely clean up any time I cum, which is almost always a ruined orgasm and have no problem then, but boy is it much harder for me to lick my cum after a full blown orgasm like that! Regardless how I felt though, I found myself leaning forward and licking my cum off of her as she gently stroked my hair.

As I know some of you have experienced, a lot of my submissiveness went right out the tip of my penis with my orgasm. My lovely wife looked at me with the remnants of my seed on my face and said; "I'm not done with you yet". She led me into the bathroom and mentioned the problem of losing some of that submissiveness after an orgasm and said she was going to do all she could to help me find it again as quickly as she could. With that, she instructed me to lay down and moments later her golden nectar was flowing from her and onto my face, and into my mouth. She definitely knows how to push me to where she wants me.

Ok, so just because I was allowed to orgasm doesn't mean we are done with her weight game. She still has weight she wants to lose and weight she wants me to lose. Her new game plan? February first. As before, each pound she loses will get added to that date, each gain subtracted and my reward/punishment for my own weight hasn't changed either. I guess I'm looking at at least sixty plus days. Sigh. Goodbye orgasm. It was fun while it lasted!

One side note. She has now mentioned that her ultimate challenge will eventually be one year. Those were terrifying words to my ears. It terrified and turned me on at the same time. Man am I messed up in the head! Until next time......

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Sorry for the delay in updating the weekly weigh-in.  There was good news and some bad news.  The good news for my beautiful wife, she was down another two pounds.  Bad news for me, that added two days.  Good news for her/bad news for me, I gained a pound.  That added another day.  It also meant I had a punishment coming.

The punishment was just like the last time I had a weight gain.  A spanking.  This spanking however would be like no other she has ever given me.  It was by far the hardest, longest, and oh soooo much more painful than any she has given me in the past. Truth be told (and don't tell her this!) I have always felt she was way to timid when she spanked me in the past.  Now; not so much.

I know I did the whole good news/ bad news up there, but there is still one good piece of news for me.  It's been 37 days since my last orgasm, but that my friends is about to come to an end.  Though she added three days to the total this week, she hasn't lost fast enough to keep up with the bank and so in theory (I don't want to be too presumptuous) there should be a fairly large earthquake registered in the center of the United States this Sunday.  I will apologize now for any damage and or disruption that I might cause anyone when I'm allowed to orgasm.

Other than that, things have been fairly quiet.  She continues to get her foot massages, her rules continue to be followed, chores are getting done, tease and denial is endless, and my frustration is currently on overload.  All in all, life is pretty good.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Raining.....Gold?

I received my weight loss reward for this week and it was a doozy. It started with my lovely wife stripping out of her clothes and telling me that part of my reward would be the chance for me to sleep with her while she was naked. I'm not sure I've mentioned it before, but I'm required to sleep naked while she sleeps in pajamas but on this night I would get the great pleasure of curling my naked body up against hers. What man doesn't want the chance to do that, especially with a beautiful woman? With that said though, she wasn't done. Her next instruction was to put a towel down on the floor and lie down.

I had an idea what was coming next, but I knew for sure when she stood over me, began to spread her gorgeous pussy lips open and a moment later the splash of her golden nectar was upon me. This was not my first golden shower from her, we had done it a few times years ago, but this was the first time since starting down this Wife led marriage road. There are very few things which I've personally discovered that pushes me into so called "subspace" then when I experience this. The warmth, the taste, and knowing what it is pushes me very deep into that submissive place and can hold me there for days.

After a quick clean up, the night ended up with me being allowed to lick my Queen's pussy and then through the use of a strap-on double penetrate her, with the dildo in her bottom, and my penis in her pussy. Another magical night, of course it ended with no orgasm for myself. She without a doubt can push all the right buttons with me.

Speaking of no orgasm, it's a month today since my last. A month. Wow, I can't remember the last time I went more than a week and here I am at a month. She continues to tease me and edge me often, and it's taking less and less to get me to that edge. I in fact experienced something the other night which was a first.

She was edging me over and over for over thirty minutes. During that time, I actually began to dread when she wrapped her hand around me again because I knew how it would end. I knew I would be left frustrated and humping thin air. I've never dreaded her touch before. Over and over she did it and over and over I dreaded what was coming (or not coming as the case may be) and yet couldn't bear the thought of her stopping either. Now this is what I call a mind fuck!

With all that said, a month of chastity has been worth every minute of it if it pleases Her. Every tease, every denial, every chore, every supper cooked, every foot massage...all worth it for Her. I love her that much and with each passing day that loves seems to go as deep as my submission to Her.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Busy busy busy

Well here we are a week since my last post.  Things have been pretty busy around here which has taken away from my time to keep this updated.  The biggest part was that my lovely Wife has created a set of rules for me to follow which include taking care of things around the house such as chores, dinners, etc.  The list included quite a few chores and they must be done before her days off so it puts me under a time crunch.  This past week was the first week this was expected so trying to get them all done to her satisfaction kept me going.  Now that I've got that first week out of the way, I think I can time things better to ensure I'm using my time more wisely!

This is also Monday which means it was weigh in day.  She was down another two pounds, that has upped my time without an orgasm to 37 days.  I'm at 27 days since my last one.  As for me, I dropped a pound so that means another of her rewards will hopefully be forthcoming!  If so, I'm sure I'll share the fun on here.  Speaking of her, she now has her own blog as well for anyone interested at http://mistressbrieanna.blogspot.com (I have a link over on the right).

I've been putting off discussing on here the conversations her and I had a couple of weeks ago.  So I guess I'll at least mention it now.  The topic of cuckolding had come up.  While we have used the thought of her having a lover numerous times in our fantasies together, we of course have never done that.  To this point, we are still just casually discussing it with no plans to move forward with it right now.  There are obviously lots of things that could go right or wrong while traveling down that road so we are in no hurry to start that adventure.  With that said, I'll continue to live off the fantasy I have of watching someone else make love to that beautiful wife of mine.  I can live with that!